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Metal additive manufacturing for titanium applications

Time:1/25/2013 3:11:37 PMLarger Medium SmallerSource:CONCEPT Laser GmbH

If you are currently looking to switch from the conventional milling or casting fabrication of dental or medical implants, as well as delicate and intricate medical components or instruments, the Mlab cusing from Concept Laser provides new options in terms of cost calculation and order throughput.

The new Mlab cusing R was developed to allow economic fabrication of delicate dental products and medical implants, and for medical instruments made from titanium.

The small machines in the Mlab cusing family allow users to start off in the "flyweight class" of additive manufacturing with metals. Generally, since the Mlab cusing machines were introduced at the start of 2011, they have been opening up the market segment for small delicate components in economic terms. The new Mlab cusing R now also expands the previous range of materials to include titanium and titanium alloys. The clever thing about the Mlab cusing R is the "drawer principle" with what is known as a glovebox module for safe handling of the material. The patented drawer principle from Concept Laser enables a quick change of material without the risk of any contamination of powder materials.

Quality with no compromises

The generative method makes a substantial contribution to improving quality. Cavity formation, rejects and a large amount of reworking, which can arise with the casting method, are now a thing of the past. The Mlab cusing combines a high degree of freedom of geometry, quality and increased material density. Metal laser melting is also a very contemporary method, particularly from the point of view of time: In contrast to the traditional casting method, it offers the advantage that the fully automatic, generative production process can run unattended and overnight. An order can be processed and delivered to the customer the very next day, additive manufacturing with metals means consistently high quality with a short delivery time, and consistent results, time after time.

Change comes as standard – drawer principle allows quick change of material

The concept behind the Mlab cusing R is ideally suited to the production of components with delicate structures made from titanium. It offers a perfect look and structures when a high surface quality and the finest component structures where it matters. The Mlab cusing offers extremely compact dimensions of 705 x 1848 x 1220 mm (WxHxD) coupled with a weight of 500 kg. The clever thing about the Mlab cusing R is the "drawer principle" with the patented glovebox module for safe handling of the powder. The operating principle is extremely practical and simple: The glovebox module is docked onto the machine for the loading and unloading process. The build module can simply be pulled out into the glovebox thanks to the drawer principle. The glovebox is then flooded with argon to inert the chamber, essential for safe titanium processing. The operator accesses

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