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Dear readers, Brewing in China ceases publication in 2012, we recommend the below free magazines providing readers the latest information and technologies in food processing and packaging.Those magazines offer practical solutions for improving productivity, reducing cost, and turning innovations into real competitive advantages.

sub  China Food Manufacturing Journal (Chinese)

sub  FoodPacific Manufacturing Journal

Difference between free & paid Reader:
Free Sample Reader: The publisher cannot guarantee how many sample copies will be delivered as it depends on availability.
Paid Reader: The publisher can guarantee the reader to receive related magazines on time.
Subscription Rate: RMB200/12 issue.
HK$280/12 issue.
NT$1200/12 issue.
US$60/12 issue.
Service Hotline: 800-820-0083 (Mainland China)
  800-1122-8811 (International)
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*Address: Region City
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Service Hotline: [800]-820-0083 (Mainland China)[800]-1122-8811 (International)